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*so much dust*

I miss you so much, LJ.

My Happiness

I'm just me..
writing stuff here, mostly ramblings just to get things off my head,
sometimes I fangirl,
sometimes I spazz around,
sometimes I just b*tch around about the most useless things..
hey..that's my life~

Think you know me or want to know me because (I can't even think why) you think I'm interesting (lolS), leave a comment and I'll add you back! :)

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 anything else to add?...be my guest..


I've decided to put all the download links that I have shared in lj and here in one post, so that whoever taht ever stumbled here won't have to seek high and low through my lj for that one damn link...! ;p

So, leave a comment for any song that you want and I'll try to find it for you!

(except those that I put up directly in


 . Sorry folks, you just have to go there and be a member....)

Downoad links are in MF or FS

So, I was bored..and I was itching to do some photoshop....

and here are the lame products...I shared the colored one on tumblr and I don't want the b/w go to waste so.. :D

 Megaupload is banned in my country....


thank god for clubbox.......

otherwise I'd be crying to sleep every night trying to re-download all those V6 stuff...


what do you guys think?
I tried to make the text appeared/disappeared one after another like in the one I posted before...
I gave up....maybe I'll try again later..




hellooo people...

not a drama post today....but I think the universe really hated me yesterday..

1. I, without meaning to (obviously....) deleted the my whole disk...all my         
         How I Met Your Mother (all seasons)
         Supernatural S6
         Criminal Minds S6
         Psych S5
         Kdrama & JDrama folders

   V6 folder!!!!!!!!
2. I'm getting acquainted with photoshop lately, I know all the basics and stuff (came with painful experience of try & error lol)..and now I have a bunch of things I want to gif-ed out of, but for the love of god, I just can't make a gif with text like this...everytime, my text showed up at every frame....
seriously, I tried everything (don't ask me what I've tried because I don't really speak ps..). Tried google it, but no help (maybe I used the words wrong or anything..but arghh)
can someone (experts out there...back2real  and xxgardenxx , I'm so close to smashing my laptop here...) just tell me how to put the texts like in that gif up there..........I'm using cs5 btw...


Mar. 26th, 2011

 Im literally hyping over a kids' show...

a kids' show!!

the promos are killing me...
the forum is still going crazy with the shippers...lol
I'm trying so har not to squee because people in my house would think I'm crazy...hhahahhahah

my YOUNGER sister already  thinks I'm weird for watching this show....

but seriously...I think iCarly is one of the un-clean kids' shows...
how they got away with Nick, I do sometimes wonder..with all the innuendos (intended and  not)....hhahhahha
yes people, I'm a grown woman (lol) and I watch iCarly....

why there are so many spam comments? Was lj underwent some sort of attack these last few weeks when I wasn't around??

I think lj PM'd something about this and it's in the messages' page somewhere but I too lazy to find it right now....


Aug. 23rd, 2010

 ADIDAS' new line of shoes!

The Adidas Fluid Trainer

I would love to get my hands on the purple/reddish ones..

there are only four colors available in Malaysia..(I think...)

but ouch! the price! it's around USD80 in the States...
so here, with the tax and what not , it would be around RM400++

excuse me while I go shoot myself in the legs...

anyway, for more info on this shoe, go here to the Adidas Fluid Trainer Campaign


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"If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place." -Nora Roberts

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